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San Diego Transportation: The New Road

The year was 1930 and limos were becoming a regular appearance around the San Diego airport. They were given the nickname “Airport Stretch Coach” and were used primarily by hotels in the San Diego area. The service became so popular that eventually, the service of hiring a driver began to spread to other areas of business. Thus the executive era of San Diego transportation began. In the 60’s and 70’s the limos began to grow in size and uses. No longer were they used just for San diego airport transportation, but for proms and many other uses. The 90’s and the new Millennia brought many challenges to the executive airport transportation service. Mainly, the cost of fuel skyrocketed, putting a severe strain on the many companies. Some did not make it, furthermore, the environment became a factor in everyones life, with global warming becoming a real threat to everyday life. Thus, from this calamity begins a new era of transportation: The Hybrid Airport Transportation Era. Eluxx was created to meet the needs of the environment and to bring a new perspective to executive transportation. Eluxx has been hard at work redefining customer service and corporate responsibility. Eluxx now has a full fleet of Hybrid vehicles.

Eluxx is growing, not only because their customers like that Eluxx plants a tree for every ride that is booked, but because of on time friendly service.