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San Diego’s first all EV, all Tesla fleet

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Our fleet

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model X

* We offer SUV’s for greater capacity needs.

What people are saying about ELUXX..

Very happy with the Driver’s professionalism and the overall experience. Would highly recommend.

Jason Smith

E-LUXX transportation never disappoints. I am a very happy long time customer, and I have recommended their services to all of my friends. They are always punctual, on time, and extremely professional.

Jenny Ramirez

I have been a LUXX customer for a very long time. I am happy to use their Eco-friendly vehicles for my more frequent commuting needs.

Armen Gevorkian

The driver’s really know their way around the city. Not once do I feel the need to direct or guide the driver to my destination.

Samantha Ericsson